Meeting Rooms

We have meeting rooms that we rent to the general public. Are you wanting to have a family dinner or a business meeting with food, maybe a baby shower? We have 3 meeting room options for you. We have our Fireside room (which is right off of our spectacular restaurant.) Fireside room capacity is 40 people. We have our Fjord room which is located under our restaurant with a 60 person capacity. Lastly we have our Viking room which is located next to the Fjord room and its max capacity is 25 people. Keep in mind that we can change the layout of our tables and chairs, we can add more or take away what you don’t need/want. Please call us to schedule use of the meeting room and pricing.

Fireside Room. 40 person capacity.
Viking Room. 25 person capacity.
Fjord Room. 60 person capacity.